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Sky Lanterns

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We just stumbled across this idea and have to share it with all of you.?These are traditional Chinese flying lanterns made from biodegradable materials which makes them a great ‘green’ choice for your wedding! Are these amazing or what?

Sky lanterns are traditionally used in Asian festivals where the rise of the Lantern symbolizes an individual’s woes floating away to be replaced with good luck and fortune in their future.  They look a bit like large translucent paper lampshades and are made from biodegradable rice paper ... so they’re perfect for an eco friendly display.  The flame lit underneath provides the uplift (the same principle as a hot air balloon) to float the lanterns up into the sky on a calm dark evening. Imagine your guests sending off hundreds of sky lanterns, floating silently upwards ... a powerfully moving experience!

The lanterns come in all different sizes and colors, but we like the soft glow of these best.

Inspiration found here and here.

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