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The Swish List recently visited with the lovely and über talented Jennifer Elliotson, owner of Mimosa Flower Studio, Niagara’s award-winning boutique floral design studio specializing exclusively in flowers for weddings and events.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Fashion, social trends ? my own imagination!

Give us three words that best describe your work/design style.
Evolving. Organic. Fresh.

Tell us more about your design ethos.
I feel a deep sense of respect for nature?s beauty and intelligent creation. That?s why we always handle our flowers with respect and integrity ? allowing their inherent natural beauty to shine through in our designs!  We will never use any artificial, unnatural or dyed product in our work. It?s our guiding principle to keep things as authentic as possible in terms of look, product selection and design style.

What is your specialty?
Aside from the design end of things, we are very good at getting to the heart of the client?s vision? to decipher the best way to express their personality through the flowers. We are artists who take pride in creating specifically for our clients ... to produce just exactly what it is that makes them gasp and say, ?That?s it! That?s us!?.

What makes your work stand out from the crowd?
I?m extremely proud of that fact that our work is instantly recognizable and that we?re continually putting out designs that connect so deeply with our clients and their guests! We?ve been told that our finished pieces look almost as if we?d just plucked them out of some magical garden ... fully assembled and ready to go! I love that!!!

I believe it?s our combination of unique ingredients, a commitment to using only natural products, the visual artistry of our designers and attention to detail that really sets us apart.

What is the consultation/creative process with your clients?
I absolutely love bringing ideas to life! Typically, we start with a fabric swatch or maybe some pictures. Frequently clients will reference images from our blog or website.  Once we?ve defined a ?vision? for the day, our clients generally give us creative freedom ? that is when we do our best work!

What advice would you give to clients investigating your services?
If you?ve seen our work and really connect with what we do and what we?re about, then trust us to walk you through the process ? don?t stress it! This should be fun!  As a rule, we creative types do our best work when our clients trust us enough to let us do what we do best!

What scenario brings out the best in your work?
My favourite events are the ones that have a clear vision for design with a focus on the season. I love to source local flowers and products ? that?s one of the great benefits of being located in such a rich agricultural territory like Niagara!

Have you been ?Going Green?? How?
I like to think that we’ve always been ‘green’! We regularly compost plant material, recycle all paper and plastic, as well as re-use and/or return packaging materials to our suppliers. We source local product whenever possible to help cut down on transportation, shipping and packaging. We even source seasonal flowers and foliage from our own organic cutting gardens!

What are you most passionate about in life?
Beauty. I see beauty in nature. The centre of an orchid, the twist of a branch, the way a garden rose opens. So much natural, organic beauty surrounds us daily, but there?s so much ?noise? in the world we just don?t take enough notice of the details anymore!

Talk about trends for the season
I love to see people putting more emphasis and effort into the more thoughtful aspects of their wedding ? rethinking tradition and coming up with their own ideas and interpretations. It?s also been nice to see the individual focus of recent years turning into a more generous outlook on the quality and atmosphere of the party as a gift to their guests for joining in the celebration!

What do you think is drawing increasing numbers of weddings to Niagara?
I think that people are drawn to Niagara because it feels like you?re in a different world and yet you haven?t traveled all that far from the city. It?s refreshing and soothing. I think that people really need a place like Niagara ? a respite from the daily grind where you can savour the food and wine from the local farm and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. It?s a bit of an escape, really. Easy to get to, but hard to leave!

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